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With the increase in demand for streaming video, companies are migrating towards the cloud to create an edge over the competition and looking for solutions that can help them with reduced time to market. VVDN has expertise in building video cloud solutions for a variety of use cases. Our team has developed video cloud frameworks , assets, and services including VLC kit for streaming services with 4K and 360 degree video support, FFMPEG framework, customized SIP and WebRTC SDKs for all platforms and many others. Software building blocks can be reused to quickly build, integrate and deploy video cloud for OEMs who are looking for a streaming cloud solution. Our rich portfolio of building blocks helps customers with lesser time to market, and accelerating development time.

With a team of professionally certified cloud professionals and strong expertise in device-side APIs, our team is capable of developing customized and flexible streaming solutions by providing continuous development with the latest technologies and effectively providing solutions that are:

Infrastructure and Platform Agnostic
Multi Tenant Cloud-based Solution
Microservices Based Architecture & Kubernetes Implementation
Advanced Video Analytics
Interactive Dashboards
24*7 Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance After Deployment


With a rich portfolio of video reusable frameworks, we enable customers to accelerate innovation by rapidly adopting the latest technologies. Our expert’s focus on implementing a customizable solution that helps to improve end-user experience, optimize business process, and helps drive new revenue streams


years of experience in implementing video cloud platform


software frameworks and solutions across legacy and next-gen technologies


successful video cloud implementation for different OEMs across the globe


reduction in development

Focus Domains

VVDN’s IoT solution is based on a scalable and secure architecture that can be delivered for multiple IoT applications and serve a variety of use cases. Building blocks are engineered to accelerate deployment for the below industries including

Easy provisioning, onboarding, and integration of camera devices for smart city, smart retail, secure building management, smart home monitoring, educational institute, indoor monitoring, and other commercial monitoring

Helps with live HD video streaming, low latency streaming, motion detection, instant snapshots, video and audio analytics, and alert notifications can be enabled

Easy access to the historical and real-time video from a user-friendly application

Easily provision, onboard, control, of audio video conferencing camera or speakerphone for real time media streaming during conference calls from home, office, classroom, courtroom or virtually anywhere

Advanced Analytics to improve overall efficiency, real time video stitching, webRTC video conferencing, 4K streaming, end-to-end encryption and video controls provide increasing performance metrics

It can also help in streaming to social media simultaneously

Easy configuration, security connectivity of various dash cameras, surround view cameras for external, internal, side and panoramic view of fleet to empower driver with more awareness of risky driving behaviour

Capture every moment of driving experience including face detection, human activity tracking by recording and storing the video on cloud

Mobile Application based control with detailed report and access to historical and real-time data