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VVDN helps security & surveillance OEMs across the globe with next-gen customizable solutions for streaming video and 2-way audio communication with our expertise in end-to-end cloud engineering services right from architecture design to infrastructure implementation and monitoring. We help the evolving industry with developing the solution for a wide range of use cases on public, private, or hybrid cloud and provide a reliable video surveillance solution. Having expertise in advanced cloud analytics for use cases including motion detection, object detection, facial recognition, Intrusion detection, footfall detection, and many others, our professionals ensure our customers are always one step ahead of the competitors. Our team has developed video cloud reusable frameworks and assets, for all platforms to help our customers with a shorter time to market and accelerating development time.

Core Capabilities


Follow agile and lean methodologies

Reusable video cloud frameworks

24*7 cloud monitoring and maintenance

Industry-standard security practices

End-to-end customized solution development