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VVDN helps develop a highly reliable and scalable centralized control function to configure, direct, manage and monitor traffic across the WAN. Our experts optimize the network performance by intelligently routing traffic, implementing automated fail-over capabilities, secure automated WAN, and dynamic utilization all on a SASE-enabled architecture that enables a more robust network with less OPEX and CAPEX resulting in increased application performance, and delivers a high-quality user experience. Our expertise lies in configuring and onboarding a new branch in WAN with lesser lead time and providing real-time interactive dashboards that help customers keep a check on the health of their network and applications resulting in increased business agility and productivity. We have successfully deployed SD-WAN for customers across diverse industry verticals like Networking & Wireless, IoT, and others enabling customers to focus on business while we ensure, flexibility, security, and ease of business


Cloud Managed Services Deployment on-prem or on cloud
Cloud Managed Services EXPERTISE WITH vCPE AND uCPE
Cloud Managed Services Expertise in smart routing algorithms
Cloud Managed Services Monitoring of different networking parameters
Cloud Managed Services Automate configuration of devices from one single controller instance
Cloud Managed Services Building highly scalable and reliable architecture
Cloud Managed Services Establish zero-touch provisioning
Cloud Managed Services Managed SD-WAN offerings

Highly qualified and experienced professionals

Good understanding of various deviceconfigurations and tools

Secure access service edge(SASE) enabled architecture deployed on-prem or cloud

Optimized application performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control

Expertise with a wide range of monitoring tools