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Being a Google Cloud Partner, VVDN is helping global OEMs and enterprise customers to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on GCP by accelerating their transformation journey to the cloud and driving innovation. We design scalable, cost-efficient, resilient, secured, and fully automated cloud architectures solutions using GCP services, and the solutions are hosted on, or integrated with Google Cloud.

VVDN has invested heavily in onboarding GCP specialists, enabling our technology professionals with unmatched skill sets and experience to get accredited with multiple GCP certifications. Our team has experience in the GCP services including IoT core, BigQuery, Dataflow, Data catalog, App Engine, Filestore, IAM, GKE, and many others.

By accelerating end-to-end adoption of GCP services & driving innovation with our unparalleled talent of trained technologists, certified engineers & professionals, VVDN has been able to deliver several projects with cloud development and migration services for customers in various industries.