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The next-gen IoT solution creates an exponential need to bring together capabilities of the devices and cloud computing for the continuous development of smart IoT cloud solutions VVDN’s set of IoT frameworks, assets, and services can be reused to quickly build, integrate and deploy cloud for OEMs who are looking for a cloud solution for their IoT products. Our rich portfolio of building blocks helps customers with reduced time to market and accelerating development time.

With a team of professionally certified cloud professionals and strong expertise on device side APIs, our experts are capable of developing IoT cloud by providing continuous development with the latest technologies and effectively providing solutions that are

Infrastructure Agnostic
Platform Agnostic
Multitenant Architecture Support
Flexible Architecture-Cloud Native, Microservices, and Containers


We enable customers to build their cloud platform to fastrack product roadmap by rapidly adopting new technologies. Our expert’s focus on implementing a customizable solution that helps to improve end-user experience, optimize business process and helps drive new revenue streams


years of experience in implementing IoT cloud platform


software frameworks and solutions across legacy and next-gen technologies


successful IoT cloud implementation for different OEMs across the globe


reduction in development

Focus Domains

VVDN’s IoT solution is based on a scalable and secure architecture that can be delivered for multiple IoT applications and serve a variety of use cases. Building blocks are engineered to accelerate deployment for the below industries including

cloud based building management system

Easy provisioning, onboarding of devices, remote real-time monitoring, and maintaining control across key system parameters including HVAC systems, Sprinkler systems, lighting systems, cold room monitoring, safety, security, etc.

Advanced Analytics to improve overall efficiency, provide performance metrics, and decrease operational cost

Multi building detailed dashboard as per user-specific data

Cloud Logistics for Transport Management

Device configuration, secure connectivity of various tracking devices for fleet management, asset monitoring, shipments, warehouse management, vehicle, school bus tracking, pet tracking, personal tracking, etc.

Helps to locate and manage remote assets with multiple sensor details. Features including SOS, geo-fencing, and alert notifications can be enabled

Detailed report with access to historical and real-time data from devices

Cloud Based Home Automation

Easily provision, onboard, control, and monitor, all the connected devices in the home and measure power measurements

Event-based monitoring and scheduling of devices that enables eliminating electricity waste

Customizable dashboards for device status, management, and alert notifications