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VVDN helps OEMs and system integrators across various domains with a wide range of customized Industrial IoT solutions. We enable customers to navigate their journey by connecting devices, processes, people, and data for increased availability and solution uptime. Having rich expertise in end-to-end cloud engineering services, VVDN helps customers with connected solutions right from device discovery, onboarding, authentication, integration, configuration, communication protocol, data collection, real-time analytics, and developing detailed visual dashboards. Our experts share a rich portfolio of features in the solution that includes remote services management, inventory management, predictive maintenance, operations monitoring, and real-time insights for better cost control, improved productivity, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. Our expertise in developing various cloud solutions helps our customers enable decision-making capability and create an edge over their competitors.

IIoT Focus Domains

Core Capabilities


Follow agile and lean methodologies

Infrastructure/platform independent

Managed cloud services

Industry-standard security practices

Application development & support

End-to-end solution