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We, at VVDN, establish and manage a Network operation center for OEMs and system integrators. Our customizable services help our customers accelerate growth, manage and optimize their IT resources. Our experts supervise, monitor, and manage networks, servers, databases, devices, and related services. Network operation engineers at VVDN provide 24*7 support and constantly monitor alerts, graphs, and reports for any spike in CPU utilization, memory utilization, 2xx, 4xx, 5xx counts, higher request counts, etc. We provide a service level agreement (SLA) driven infrastructure support and managed service model that is defined as per customer requirements and business needs. With experience in monitoring various networks, our expertise lies in a wide range of monitoring tools including cloud watch, AppDynamics, SolarWinds, etc. In our Network operation center, we ensure that the information integrity is never compromised in any way, and provide the highest level of physical, data security, data classification & data protection during upgrades.

Our Offerings

Our support coverage and efficient process flow ensures to minimize events across networks elements