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VVDN helps global network and grid companies focusing on power generation, smart advanced power grid, distributed generation, transmission solution, and electrical distribution monitoring with the robust, secure end-to-end development of cloud-based networks along with customized data analytics solutions. Our expert professionals share a rich portfolio of features including remote configuration, remote debugging, device health monitoring, storing configuration information, integration & modification of hardware devices, mesh networking, and many others. We help customers design an easy-to-use GUI that shows real-time data, trending graphs, and a complete set of visuals for clean and detailed reporting, controlling and configuring the settings of each device aiding in overall revenue enhancement and predictive/proactive action strategies. The customized solution developed helps reduce downtime, increases the overall operational efficiency, and provides the consumers a seamless experience. Our expertise in designing and developing various end-to-end cloud solutions helps our customers enable decision-making capability and create an edge over their competitors.

Core Capabilities


Customized solution development

24*7 managed cloud services

Infrastructure/platform independent

End-to-end data security

Application development & support

OTA updates