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VVDN has the experience and expertise of end-to-end release automation for software development and delivery for improved productivity, build automation, and stability. Our experts follow the manual and automated CI/CD approach by verifying and enabling branch protection, tracking comments, defining CI templates, running static code, security vulnerability, testing suites, dockerize an application, push and notify build outputs, deploy in a non-prod environment, run the test suites then deploy in various environments.

Automated testing enables continuous delivery, which ensures software quality and security of code in production. We enable businesses by integrating various tools including GitLab, GitHub, SonarQube, JFrog artifactory, Coverity, Veracode, JIRA, Selenium, Robot Framework, Docker Registry, Puppet, Chef, Zabbix, etc. With the experience and expertise, we help our clients keeping a tab on the health of the code base, code quality, code coverage metrics, low maintenance cost, automated approval process, and faster software delivery, which leads to more frequent updates to customers and also allows companies to deliver new features more often.

VVDN’s CI/CD Practice