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VVDN has expertise with designing, developing, and maintaining large and complex applications in microservices architectures with an aim to provide on-demand scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability. We follow an agile and lean model to build the different layers and communication between them so that responsive and high-performing experiences can be built. With expertise in common languages for development like Java, Python, .net, NodeJS, GoLang and other technologies, our experts ensure to provide a collection of services with microservices implementation. We have DevOps principles for continuous integration, delivery along with faster release time for all applications.


Loosely coupled implementation
Scan dependencies
Monolithic to Microservices architecture
Application & contained security
Highly maintainable and testable application
Multiple service instances per host
Independent deployment
Service instance per host/container
User authentication and access control
Server-less deployment

Qualified, experienced, and certified professionals

Shorter development time

Experience with microservices-based architecture deployment in multiple projects

Expertise with different languages